Hungstrong is on the hook for sticking into the drywall

Drywall and hooks go together about as well as mixing oil and water. Anything that weighs more than about three pounds means that the hook is going to be pulled from the wall and some rather ugly damage will be left behind. That’s why the Hungstrong Hook Kit was created. This particular kit includes a hook designed to hold items that weigh as much as 40 pounds. So a coat, purse, backpack, shopping bag or other item that would normally be too heavy can be hung up to help minimize clutter. How is this possible? Because the hook is mounted to the wall by driving its pre-installed one inch Allen Anchor onto any drywall interior surface. The provided T-Handle tool makes this possible with very little effort. If installation isn’t too complicated, the Hungstrong Hook Kit would make a great addition to any kitchen, foyer, workshop or office. This campaign seeks to raise $7,500. For $40, backers get one kit with an expected delivery of January 2015.