iGo-Air inflates tires with air from the exhaust

There’s little that can put a stop to four wheeling fun faster than a flat. And then there’s the hassle of changing it! That is, unless the owner happens to have iGo-Air for their ATV or UTV. Not only does the kit offer the necessary items to repair or plug the hole in the tire, but it also has a hose with one end made to connect to the tire valve, and the other to the exhaust, which means that compressed air is instantly provided to put air back into the repaired tire. It typically takes 10 or 15 seconds to fill the tire if there isn’t significant additional weight on the ATV or UTV. Seems like a great idea with the only downside being that the tire probably still has to be removed to patch it. Nevertheless, maybe iGo will consider making something like this for cars! This campaign seeks to raise $50,000 by November 30, 2014. Backers get one product for $25, with an expected delivery of December 2014.