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IBaby Air helps little ones avoid cute little coughs

Air pollution inside and outside the home is a common problem that many people confront each day –- often coming from places it’s least expected, including common household items. Small children are especially vulnerable to volatile organic compounds because they can’t process the chemicals as effectively as adults.

IBaby Air is a smart Wi-Fi air monitor and ionic purifier that allows its users to monitor their homes’ air quality. The purifier turns on automatically when air quality is low. It detects several common pollutants that are found all over the U.S., many of which are invisible and/or odorless, including carbon monoxide, methane and ammonia. It works in conjunction with a companion app for Android and iOS mobile devices. iBaby Air sends alerts and daily room reports to the user’s mobile device.

A white version of iBaby Air ships in September. Future pricing is $149, but Indiegogo backers can order one for $79. Light and dark wood versions follow in October. Its makers hope to raise $15,000 by Aug. 2.

There have been several smart air monitors before iBaby Air, including Awair. But iBaby Air touts features including air purification, two-way audio and alerts that Awair doesn’t offer. Other nice features of iBaby Air include the fact that it doesn’t require cleaning, maintenance or replaceable parts such as filters.



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