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The LiLu Smart Bag makes you the light of the party

The fashion of EDM culture is as unique as the music it produces, with festivals packed to the gills with attendees flaunting some of the most vibrant, colorful, and standout outfits you’ll ever see. It makes sense: the point of most of these festivals is to be happy and friendly — and make an impact while doing so.

While there are plenty of ways to do so, there aren’t many stronger than the LiLu Smart Bag. This slim purse sports a flexible LED panel that reacts in real time to music that’s playing, making it a perfect companion for any EDM festival. An internal pocket in the purse itself is great for keys and other small accessories, while beside sits a micro-USB slot to charge the LiLu’s 10-hour battery.

Bluetooth connectivity allows a user to use an iOS/Android app to turn on the bag’s lighting and manage the bag’s sensitivity to music. EDM fashionistas can grab their very own for $99 and is slated to ship in December 2016. The product’s fixed Indiegogo campaign is looking for $25,000 by August 2017.

The LiLu Smart Bag is an interesting entrant into the burgeoning connected fashion segment, a product firmly in the entertainment category with others like the Tago Arc bracelet. On the other side of the spectrum are products like the Hexoskin Smart workout shirt that actively monitors stats like heart rate and distance. Whether for entertainment or for something more concrete, the segment holds a lot of promise if it continues generating clever ideas like the LiLu.


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