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I’m Back camera back adds digital functionality to your film camera

Digital cameras became the standard for professional photographers years ago, but many still have film cameras for which they’d like to have digital functionality.

patent-claimedI’m Back is a digital camera back based on thin Raspberry Pi single-board computers that attaches to film cameras and allows users to transfer photos directly to the Internet via a browser send feature and also receive emails. It connects to wireless devices via Bluetooth. Other features include a touchscreen TFT display. I’m back ships in December. Future pricing isn’t set yet, but its maker says he hopes to sell it for $199 or less. He hopes to raise $22,714 by July 21.

The concept is a good one and not without precedent. But it’s not clear just how many consumers beyond photo enthusiast film purists there are who wouldn’t rather just use their smartphone to take a photo if they want to make use of digital functions … or just buy a digital camera instead of I’m Back. The biggest issue for now, however, is that it’s not clear just what cameras the camera back is even compatible with. Its maker says only that I’m Back works with “a great number of models.”


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I tried the Nikon F (1965) and F2 (1972), Nikon rangefinder S2 (1952) and Leica M3 (1952). Based on the trim that I patented it possible to adapt the “hole” of exposure to I can say almost all analog cameras, which obviously use behind a Flash attack on the base and have contact “sync flash”. Thank you.

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