Indigo Uni Mount takes cyclists’ smartphones for a ride

Where to put the smartphone when riding a bike so that it is safe and still easily accessible can be a conundrum. Indigo Uni Mount lets cyclists have the benefit of their phone in the center of their handlebars, which means that the GPS function is also easily usable. The 1/4 Garmin mount allows for the phone to swivel so that it can be used in either standard or landscape mode. The phone mount is made of UV grade acetal thermoplastic, and uses 3M VBH tape for attachment, so no tools are needed.

At the present, it is not compatible with rubber, silicon, textured and porous surfaces, but efforts are being made to change that. It’s also not recommended for use with mobiles that have a screen that’s over 5 inches, another inconvenience. Backers in search of a phone mount might also want to check out the Linkmount and Squido campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $4,000 AUD (~$3,300 USD). Backers can get one Indigo Uni Mount for $16 AUD (~$13 USD) with an expected delivery of February 2015.

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