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Chill Lizard watches over cans chilling in the freezer, tells you when they’re ready

If it is indeed true that global warming is, in part, caused by consuming warm beer, then Chill Lizard seems to have a most noble cause. The Chill Lizard band gets attached to one’s beverage of choice, set for one’s desired temperature, and the coaster buzzes when the beverage has hit the ideal cool spot, averting explosive freezer messes. The wireless sensor in the band is how the coaster receives the alert, similar to a system used in various restaurants for when a table is ready for waiting customers. The product automatically defaults to a temperature of 36 degrees and can be adjusted up or down. It will go as low as 29 degrees for frozen treats.

Chill Lizard is apparently designed with an American marketplace in mind since there doesn’t seem to be a Celsius indicator available. Provided the wireless connection will work from inside the freezer, this product is great for those who can’t plan ahead enough to put beverages in the fridge. This campaign seeks to raise $30,000 by December 30, 2014. For $30, backers get one product and an expected delivery of February 2015.

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