LAMPP app sets the mood; turns smartphone into a light

It seems that there is an app for everything from music to sports to safety and more. Why not create one for mood lighting too?

LAMPP allows users to create that perfect ambiance through a phone app. The phone fits inside the lampshade-like cover and the app allows for various color choices to be emitted through the phone screen as soft music selections play in the background, creating a smartlight effect. Silicone has the best glow, and its durability and flexibility allow for it to travel well. So the user can get together with that special someone at his place or hers or somewhere in between.

While a little frivolous, this is nonetheless a cute product that can travel and enhance the ambience for cheap. Sometimes light is everything, especially in intimate situations. Other mood enhancing campaigns in which backers might have an interest are LumaPlay Speakers, Whome, Prizm, and Playbulb. This campaign seeks to raise $50,000. For $40, backers get one LAMPP with an expected delivery of March 2015.

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