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Lightpack 2 lets your TV bask in the afterglow of ambient lighting

Ambient backlighting can add another level of immersion to one’s experience while watching a movie or playing a video game on the TV.

patent-claimedLightpack 2 is an HDMI pass through kit that provides ambient backlighting for TVs. It follows the Lightpack lighting system that the same manufacturer, Wooden Shark, successfully received funding for on Kickstarter in 2013. The big difference between the two products is that the earlier device was designed for computer monitors.

The new product has four HDMI inputs to connect all of one’s media devices, including game consoles, to the TV. Lightpack 2 controls an LED strip that contours to the back of a TV and can also include a Pixel accessory, a wireless LED-based lighting module that is placed on the wall or elsewhere. Lightpack 2 uses patented algorithms to process the input video signal. All that is required for setup are a power source and an HDMI connection. Lightpack 2 can also be used as an intelligent lighting system even when the TV is off. Mood lighting can be set with the companion Lightpack app for Android and iOS devices.

Lightpack 2 ships in February. Future pricing isn’t given. But Kickstarter backers can order a Mini Set including a remote and 5 meters of RGB LED ribbon to attach to a TV frame for a pledge starting at $159. Backers can also order a Pixel accessory for $39. Wooden Shark hopes to raise $198,000 by Aug. 6.

There have been many ambient backlighting products for TVs before, including AmbiScreen, and such products have yet to catch on with a huge audience. Some consumers may not want to attach the RGB strips out of fear of harming or modifying the look of their TVs. For owners of the first Lightpack, one big negative is that there is no way to upgrade to the new product or integrate any components from the older product with the new one.


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