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Pillo lets you rest easy about taking your pills

Forgetting to take one’s pills can lead to major health problems, especially when those medications are for life-threatening health issues including heart disease.

patent-claimedPillo is a connected pill-dispensing robot that recognizes individuals in the family and helps people of all ages to better manage their health. In addition to dispensing medication, it can answer users’ health and wellness questions and connect a person directly with healthcare professionals. Because Pillo has been designed to be intelligent, its functionalities grow as it learns about the user and his or her family.

The device also works in conjunction with an Android and iOS app, and will contact family members when users forget to take their medicine. Pillo ships in July 2017 at $599. But Indiegogo backers can order one now for a pledge starting at $349. Its maker wants to raise $75,000 by Aug.6.

There have been many products before this that help people remember to take their pills, including OneCare Dori. But Pillo offers additional features that most rival products don’t offer, including the advanced robot functionality that gives it the ability to answer questions not only related to medication, but wide-ranging, health-related issues including nutrition.


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