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LIVALL connected bike helmet blings out your ride

For far too long, bike helmets have been left in the closets and basements of homes all across the United States despite how effective they are stopping at preventing all types of injuries. The reason? Most would mention how bike helmets much besides make them look silly, a sorry excuse now that the LIVALL Bling Helmet is here.

The LIVALL Bling Helmet is a bicycle helmet that features Bluetooth connectivity alongside a two sets of LEDs and a three-axis gyroscope, all in an effort to improve communication and safety for cyclists everywhere. Bluetooth connectivity in conjunction with a built-in mic gives riders the option to to walkie-talkie other members of the group, take calls from others, or just ride along to music from the smartphones.

A dual set of LEDs, up top and on the back, ensure other members of the riding group, pedestrians, and motorists all have a good idea of where the cyclist is, while the three-axis gyroscope sets off an SOS alert and contacts help when the cyclist is thrown off due to an accident. All of these features are facilitated with the Bling Jet handlebar controller working in tandem with the LIVALL app on iOS or Android. An optional cadence sensor to track stats like distance, heart rate, calories burned, etc. and a smartphone charging cradle are also available. $159 gets interested backers a helmet, a Bling Jet, and a cadence sensor to be shipped October 2015. The LIVALL campaign is gunning for $20,000 in funding by September 18, 2015.

The closest product in terms of sheer functionality to LIVALL is no doubt the COBI connected bike system. The main difference lies in how each considers the handlebar, with a cyclist using LIVALL inundated with helmets, sensors, controllers, etc. COBI is minimal and therefore a lot more attractive, expecially being that cyclists are left to choose their own helmet that will most likely be far lighter than the Bling Helmet. The LIVALL system boasts lots of features but in the end, the user experience is lacking.



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