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MicroJib camera holder boosts GoPro’s creative possibilities from all angles

The popularity of GoPro cameras has been a boon for the makers of camera accessories. The new MicroJib from a Denver, Colorado, inventor adds pan and tilt functionality to the GoPro, expanding the creative possibilities of the action camera.

Panning and tilting enables freedom in camera motions that weren’t previously achievable with other extension poles. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign who pledge amounts starting at $79 will be able to get a MicroJib when it ships in April. Backers who pay $99 will still be getting one at less than the expected $109 retail. Backers who pay $129 can get a  limited edition green and black model. The campaign is hoping to raise $24,000.

MicroJib seems like a good bet for GoPro owners. The accessory’s mount is only designed for GoPro cameras, which limits its potential appeal to owners of other cameras. But MicroJib’s maker is planning to offer a mount as an add-on that will let users mount any small camera to the device.


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