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Proud To Play covers iPad for the young and elderly

IPad covers that increase the usability of the tablet are valued accessories. Most are sleek and work mainly on flat surface, everything the Proud To Play iPad cover isn’t. Instead, the cover offers a sturdy and bulky EVA foam construction. The Proud To Play is no looker, but it makes up for its appearance by being usable in the lap along with on any flat surface thanks to the sphere on its back.

The device was originally designed for elderly people suffering from dementia so the iPad’s physical buttons are shielded by the cover to cut down on mistaken button presses and physically limit the device to a single app. The company envisions the cover’s use in child and work environments, but the cover’s bulkiness makes it hard to believe anyone would want to transport it around. The attempt is admirable, but the Proud To Play ultimately doesn’t do anything a Sevastone, or many other alternatives, couldn’t. Backers can buy one cover for €35 (~$43), or buy one and give one for €65 (~$80). A donation of €20,000 (~$24,693) will get the product out and shipped by February 2015.

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