Mobile Clothesline hangs the laundry on any lawn

Nostalgic Mobile Clothesline  d1cd4ae0d604a2d21ac1d65d232092b2_large[1]A long time ago in a world not so distant from this one, they used clotheslines to dry wet clothes. Why? Dryers didn’t exist yet. Nevertheless, some people like the smell and feel of sundried clothes, and for them, a Mobile Clothesline that holds an entire load of laundry might be just the thing. But for those of us who don’t have the time, we’ll stick with our dryer – low heat for delicates and minimal shrinkage. There are multiple options out there for mobile drying racks and mobile clothes racks which can be just as easily placed outside and moved around with the sunlight. It doesn’t appear that any of the tiers in this campaign offer The Mobile Clothesline product, but for at least $20 a backer gets a tee-shirt with an estimated delivery of June 2014.

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