Monkii Bars pack in suspension line, hangs with you during workouts

The Premise. Working out in a gym can be really boring, especially if there isn’t enough good people-watching. Most would rather be outdoors when they’re feeling active, but working out outside can be limiting.

The Product. Monkii Bars are a new portable workout tool that allows the user to workout anywhere at anytime. The bars look like two wooden handles with green caps on the ends. Each handle holds 18 feet of suspension line with adjusters that allow for flexibility in length. The line is rated at 400 lbs and the bars are lightweight enough to be carried around all day. The maple exterior and green caps make Monkii Bars look more friendly than most workout tools that are aggressively red or black.

The Pitch. Monkii Bars’ Kickstarter campaign features one of those rare high-quality videos that aren’t quite as awkward as most seen in the crowdfunding world. The short film features different settings and how this dynamic fitness device can be used for a variety of workouts that target different parts of the body head to toe. A scene featuring the workout tool being used while hanging off of a hot air balloon basket was particularly eye-catching. Monkii Bars hopes to raise $25,000 in its 38 day campaign. More information can be found on the product’s Web site.

The Perks. Early backers can enjoy Monkii Bars for the discounted price of $74. Regularly priced, Monkii Bars are slated to go for $98 (leaving you enough left over of your $100 bill for a few bananas), which is 20% off of the retail price. Reward tiers go all the way up to $5,000 with an estimated delivery date of August 2014.

The Potential. The lightweight, portable Monkii Bars is the latest in a number of attractive exercise aids to hit Kickstarter. Recently profiled X-Bar also boasts portability for those looking to get out of the gym. Reebok Gravity Trainer is another example of an out-of-the-gym fitness alternative that offers a simple full body workout, but for only $30. Monkii Bars’ creators will need to lower the price in order to compete with so many other products. While the desire to workout away from the gym is salient, most fitness buffs may save $98 by sticking to jogging or cycling.

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