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MODR plugs into the quest for the modular smartphone case

There are many cases available for smartphones and tablets, and few of them tout anything much beyond what rivals are also offering.

patent-claimedBut MODR offers a unique modular approach to mobile device cases, enabling users to personalize the case and the smartphone or tablet inside it through the use of interchangeable modules and camera lenses. The multiple expansion options are being made possible by a patent-pending, built-in USB hub.

Each MODR Core Pack costs $79 and come with the case and choice of any two “reModules,” while a MODR Power Pack will also be fielded adding a removable battery pack and wireless charge pad at $124. They will ship in October. MODR’s maker is hoping to raise $70,000 by June 22.

The reModules include a microSD reader, a 4-LED flashlight, NFC buttons and camera flash assist. MODR’s feature set may be expanded even further to include battery-powered Bluetooth speakers, a pico projector and a solar charger X-Port as additional accessories if its maker’s stretch goals of more than $70,000 are achieved.

Those additional features stand to make the case even more appealing to consumers as the case competes against the like of the EVOL and Nexpaq modular cases to add functionality. As with those products, it faces the Catch-22 of trying to build up a large number of users to entice others to develop modules.

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