The Waterblade lets you walk on water with a workout

The world has no shortage of water recreational activities, but an architect has designed yet another option that stands to get the blood pumping as well as the water..

patent-claimedThe Waterblade is designed to simulate the feeling of walking on water, providing a workout for the leg and core muscles. The Waterblade has a motor to help assist the rider, but it’s not clear if it provides power or stability. The product also has a surfboard-style leash that will disengage the motor if the rider falls. The designer aims to raise $90,000 by July 4th, 2015, which delivery expected late July 2015.

The videos show the rider using a lot of effort for not a lot of gain, and with a hefty $1,650 price tag, they’re not accessible for the average family. The Waterblade may be better marketed as strictly a water workout, or it may have applications as a rehabilitation tool for physical or occupational therapies.

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