Motomood LED “automoticon” offers smiles as you pile on miles

Irate drivers, honking horns, brutal traffic, birds being flipped — all of these unsavory elements contribute to the, at times, less than joyous experience of driving. While the freedom of the wide-open road is indeed alluring, most can identify with the more common occurrence of traffic jams and the stress they induce.

Motormood LLC’s goal is simple: make driving safer, more fun, and more social. To achieve this, it created the Motormood attachment, a light-up emoticon that uses a reusable, non-marking adhesive to attach to the rear window of a vehicle to encourage drivers to say thanks for whatever kind acts occur on the road. The attachment, paired with the infrared remote that clips onto the sun visor, lets anyone quickly illuminate the smiley face’s embedded LED for six seconds.  And when the time comes to change out its four AA batteries, its adhesive attachments feature a sliding mechanism so that users can quickly do so. A single $19 Motomood comes in blue, green, or pink while a package of all three is $57. Motomood LLC is hoping to have its product out to backers by December 2015 provided its campaign raises $130,500 by July 31st, 2015.

The Motomood campaign arrives a year after the one for the more ambitious Drivemotion Animator as another way to silently express a limited range of silent emotions to the driver trailing one’s car. is a simple yet effective idea that uses the power of positivity to create something worth considering. However, its five-inch diameter might make it easy to miss, especially during the day time.

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