N 1 Putter Caddy keeps golfers focused on their game

There are few things in life that are a better distraction from stress and the daily grind of work than a good round of golf – until one can’t find their putter. So in an effort to restore golf to the relaxing activity that it should be, N 1 Putter Caddy was created. The aluminum, lightweight caddy attaches to the outside of most golf bags, keeping the putter safe from potentially getting damaged by other clubs in the bag. The easy access to one’s putter means more focus can be put on the game, where it belongs.

The putter holder is durable and requires only minimal installation, though it’s not indicated if any special tools are necessary for that installation. This product, while convenient, may only prove attractive to caddies who don’t choose what their golfer’s buy. Golf loving backers might also like to check out Range to Go and GreenPlay campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $25,000. Backers get one N 1 Putter Caddy for $200 with an expected delivery of March 2015.

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