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Nervana earbuds makes any tune feel-good music

As the old saying goes, music can soothe the savage beast. Certainly, at the very least, the right music can relax listeners and make them happy.

Nervana takes that concept a step further. It’s a nerve stimulator with patent-pending earbuds that syncs to music and releases natural chemicals in the human body that generate pleasure. Nervana generates a gentle electrical signal that is transmitted to the surface of the left earbud on what looks like a standard earbud assembly.

When the left earbud is placed in the left ear and the Nervana generator is turned on, the electrical signal beats to whatever music is being experienced by the user, whether supplied to the generator through a user’s phone or through the environment, such as in a concert hall.  The electrical signal stimulates the body’s vagus nerve, which could result in the release of neurotransmitters, the body’s natural feel-good messengers.

For most users, the results are increased feelings of calm and relaxation and stress relief. Nervana ships in June at $299, although early bird Kickstarter backers can get one for a pledge starting at $279. Its makers hope to raise $75,000 by April 25.

Nervana offers a good twist on earbuds and many music fans are likely to find it appealing -– as long as it indeed achieves the desired pleasant effect on the body. Sessions of 15-45 minutes twice a day are recommended to promote wellness and balance, but it’s likely that many buyers won’t have the time to stick to such a regimen.

Several groups of people shouldn’t use the product, limiting its potential market somewhat. Consumers with a medical condition who take medication are advised to talk to a doctor before buying and using Nervana. People with a medical implant or who are pregnant should stay away entirely, and it’s also not designed for kids.

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