RippleBuds out to send ripples through earbuds market with noise-blocking technology

Bluetooth earbuds are enormously handy for both listening to music and conducting hands-free phone conversations. But it’s often hard to hear the music or people talking on the phone due to all the outside noise that often can’t be avoided.

patent-claimedRippleBuds are noise-blocking Bluetooth earbuds with a built-in microphone that solves that dilemma. Its makers have replaced the mouthpiece found in most headsets with a microphone that fits invisibly inside the ear. Most of the patents its makers have for the product cover its core technologies that reduces echo and howling sounds when the speaker and microphone are placed closely together inside the earbuds.

A mono version of RippleBuds ships in June at $129, but early bird Kickstarter backers can get it for a pledge starting at $69. A stereo version follows in September at $179, but early bird backers can get them for a pledge starting at $99. Its makers hope to raise $50,000 by April 21.

RippleBuds seem to offer a good solution to a common problem. Another nice feature is that they are sweat proof, so they can be used while exercising. But it’s no sure thing because there are several similar products on the market, including the Dash wireless in-ear headphones.



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