Luggage and Bags

NeXstep luggage holds your stuff, supports you as a stool

For those who are still willing to fly and endure the ever increasing list of airport insanities, there is now a piece of luggage that can at least always provide a predictable place to sit in the midst of the unpleasantries. NeXstep has a handle that acts as a built-in seat during those long waits in overcrowded airport holding areas. The seat holds up to 250 pounds, so those who are of a more hardy origin may not be able to enjoy this feature. The luggage is made of aircraft grade aluminum and polycarbonate, and also has waterproof zippers, four spinner wheels, and a TSA lock. Not only is it made in carry on size, but there is also a check on size available. Once travelers reach their destination, the stool can be converted to a luggage stand for easy and convenient unpacking. This campaign is seeking to raise $120,400 by November 24, 2014. Early bird backers can get the carry-on size in their choice of charcoal gray or red for $175, with an expected delivery of April 2015.