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Guidy lucid dream mask aids those choosing better snoozing

Lucid dreaming fascinates anyone who finds out about it, but once they realize how difficult it can be to induce, many quickly lose that interest. The creators of the Guidy don’t think it has to be so difficult. The product is a smart sleep mask equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope to detect REM-cycles with 100% accuracy. When it does, it sends you gentle, light-based reminders so that you can notice you’re dreaming. Once that’s done, your fantasies of running as fast as the Flash or living your life as Indiana Jones can finally be experienced. The creators are just hoping their €47,000 funding goal isn’t one, too. Get your hands on one for €80.

As novel as this product may seem, there have already been a few examples of lucid dreaming masks. One, called the DreamNet, is an alternative that utilizes an EEG and also syncs up with smartphones, but saves the data gained into a database filled with other dreamers using the same product. Remee is the cheapest alternative and also providing customizable LED reminders. Guidy combines the accuracy of the former with the customizable nature of the latter for their version of the lucid dreaming sleep mask, making it a product to look out for.