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Nucli smart lock has two screens, covers all the bases

Since the debut of the Ring, nee Doorbot, on Kickstarter, crowdfunding platforms have hosted many smart locks for the home and other property.

Nucli comes to the table, or at least the door, with the Westinghouse brand and an endless array of options. It can work with iOS, Android and Windows. It can be activated by fingerprint, PIN pad (via its external touch screen), smartphone or laptop (but there’s no proximity-based unlocking yet). It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Z-Wave protocols. And you can even use any MP3 file as a doorbell. Like other smart lock/doorbell combinations, owners can use its camera to see who is at the door and open it.

The product, which the company says can be installed with a Philips screwdriver, also supports 50 pre-authorized key combinations. And if its core functionality isn’t enough, it plans to open up the device to developers. Nucli seeks $50,000 in its flexible funding campaign slated to end on September 25th. One can pick up a Nucli for $325, a 26 percent savings off retail. The product is slated to ship in December.

One challenge that smart door locks have had is battery life and the Nucli seems to push it by including two displays and Wi-Fi, which can draw power. The company says it has supplied the device with a high-capacity battery and a backup in case of emergencies.  Beyond that, Nucli seems to have covered just about every base.

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