Odor-eliminating toilet seat fans your stink into the wild

Without getting into specifics, many people have a certain degree of embarrassment or even panic about dealing with the aftermath of using a restroom, particularly at a friend’s or date’s house. Many a comedic movie scene or shameful story has been made about these moments of desperately opening a window or finding a chemical spray to mask the smell.

The Fresh Air Plus is a toilet seat designed to prevent this situation from ever happening again  by pumping the foul air out of the toilet before it ever has a chance to escape. Powered using a nearby electrical outlet, the Fresh Air Plus uses a hose to an outdoor vent to remove the smell discreetly and privately. The Fresh Air Plus fits any standard toilet and replaces the existing toilet seat. It also includes a no-slam system that eases the lid down gradually.

This product offers people who are sensitive about bathroom matters a chance to avoid the stinky subject entirely, as the odors never even have to leave the bowl. Adam Payz, the inventor of the Fresh Air Plus, is trying to raise $80,000 to move the product from the prototype phase. It only costs $160 to get rid of the dirty bathroom smell forever, once the Fresh Air Plus ships in March 2015.

There’s a subtle contradiction in purchasing an item for your bathroom to hide the evidence of smelly behavior when that item requires hooking up a hose to your toilet, plugging it in, and adding more lights to the toilet than the average pachinko machine. The Fresh Air Plus is certainly doing its best to innovate, but when you have to drill a hole in the wall and run a hose to hide something that everyone goes through, maybe, just maybe, the issue is more mental than physical and odiferous.

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