Loogun uses high power water stream to replace nasty toilet brushes

Everyone hates toilet brushes. They’re universally gross but they’re a necessity for keeping the toilet clean.  Although some companies try to make single-use pads to cut down on the gross factor, they’re horrible for the environment and can cost over $100 a year buying refills.

But for $42, the Loogun is a sleek and elegant solution. It features a reservoir and a motor that creates a powerful stream of water that can handle the toughest bathroom messes.  The design is absolutely more attractive than a typical toilet brush, and because it never touches the toilet, it’s free of bacteria.

The creators of the Loogun are in the UK, and they’re hoping to ship worldwide by January 2016 if they meet their $62,850 goal by August 9, 2015. As far as toilet brushes go, the Loogun seems like a pretty and efficient alternative to the usual nasty bristles.


Handi Sani wipes bathroom germs off your toilet brush with a flush

Finding an easy way to keep the toilet bowl brush sanitized can be a challenge. But impressively, the Handi Sani self-cleaning toilet brush presents a hands-free way to make that happen.

The way it works is quite simple. The Handi Sani cleaning apparatus attaches to the side of the tank with one small hose running into the tank to take advantage of clean water, and another hose running into the toilet bowl for proper draining. The brush is placed inside the Handi Sani so that when the toilet is flushed, the attachment fills up with clean water while simultaneously draining the dirty water into the toilet bowl.

Interested backers might also like to check out RollPull, and Shower Shimmy. This campaign seeks to raise $178,000 by April 13, 2015.  Early bird backers get one product for $20 with an expected delivery of October 2015.

Home Tools

Toilet strainer prevents kids from flushing jewelry

Kids have a tendency to destroy things like valuables and happiness. Okay, maybe not happiness, but certainly priceless family heirlooms.

iGuard is a solution to this problem, straining out items from the toilet. Ew. Okay, yes it sounds disgusting, but the creators claim it’s the only way to prevent clogged toilets. The small plastic mechanism hooks onto the side of the toilet bowl. There’s a round piece that goes into the toilet with holes in it to strain. This way, it’ll catch unwanted items from going down the pipes. The only question that remains is, what about those things that you want to go down? iGuard comes in a case that opens with tap of the foot so touch is unnecessary. One is going for $50 on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery of April 2015. iGuard is looking to raise $20,000.

Health and Wellness

Loodini allows you to escape public restrooms without touching germy surfaces

Ever shudder to imagine what germs lurk around public bathroom faucets, stalls and doors? The folks at Loodini certainly have. This British product is held in the hand and can twist, turn, poke, and rotate all in the name of keeping those germs away. It covers your hand and does all the contact stuff for you so you don’t have to touch anything in that bathroom. Loodini comes in five different colors, is made out of plastic and uses an antibacterial agent to maximum cleanliness. To clean, use warm soapy water to rid this product of all it has picked up. For £9 (~$14), backers will receive a set of three for delivery in December 2014. Loodini hopes to raise £3,000 (~$4,800) on Kickstarter.

There are lots of germaphobes out there who can’t stand public restrooms until it becomes an emergency. For many, a tissue would suffice as protection, but for the truly clean, Loodini is the way to go. It’s versatile, easy to clean and even works to kill bacteria making it more effective than tissues.


Odor-eliminating toilet seat fans your stink into the wild

Without getting into specifics, many people have a certain degree of embarrassment or even panic about dealing with the aftermath of using a restroom, particularly at a friend’s or date’s house. Many a comedic movie scene or shameful story has been made about these moments of desperately opening a window or finding a chemical spray to mask the smell.

The Fresh Air Plus is a toilet seat designed to prevent this situation from ever happening again  by pumping the foul air out of the toilet before it ever has a chance to escape. Powered using a nearby electrical outlet, the Fresh Air Plus uses a hose to an outdoor vent to remove the smell discreetly and privately. The Fresh Air Plus fits any standard toilet and replaces the existing toilet seat. It also includes a no-slam system that eases the lid down gradually.

This product offers people who are sensitive about bathroom matters a chance to avoid the stinky subject entirely, as the odors never even have to leave the bowl. Adam Payz, the inventor of the Fresh Air Plus, is trying to raise $80,000 to move the product from the prototype phase. It only costs $160 to get rid of the dirty bathroom smell forever, once the Fresh Air Plus ships in March 2015.

There’s a subtle contradiction in purchasing an item for your bathroom to hide the evidence of smelly behavior when that item requires hooking up a hose to your toilet, plugging it in, and adding more lights to the toilet than the average pachinko machine. The Fresh Air Plus is certainly doing its best to innovate, but when you have to drill a hole in the wall and run a hose to hide something that everyone goes through, maybe, just maybe, the issue is more mental than physical and odiferous.


Marriage Saver resolves centuries-old argument

Marriage SaverThis item may very well be the perfect wedding present. Why? Because it always makes sure that the lid is down – as long as he remembers to actually flush the toilet.  It’s also highly unlikely that Marriage Saver is going to be a duplicate gift – until it hits the mainstream marketplace. Since the automatic lid closing device is removable, it can even be installed in the honeymoon sweet bathroom and taken home for reinstallation. And when it’s vacation time, the family won’t ever have to leave home without it. For $46, wives and sensitive husbands can take the first step in revolutionizing their homes and vacation plans.  Expected delivery is December 2014.

Camping Kids/Babies

Portable potty packs flat, goes where kids go

LeilasPottyTraveling with little kids can be a challenge, and it’s even more difficult if they are potty training. The toilets that kids use when they’re learning to “go” are not travel-friendly. One, they’re bulky, and two…gross? So Leila designed a portable travel potty to help  kids go, even when they family is away from home. Her design gave encompasses  a multi-use, collapsible, portable potty that can be easily stowed in a diaper bag or purse. You do have to have use a plastic bag with the product, so you’ll need to keep those on hand as well. The clever design is as biodegradable as its intended contents and a set is available to backers for $25.