Loogun uses high power water stream to replace nasty toilet brushes

Everyone hates toilet brushes. They’re universally gross but they’re a necessity for keeping the toilet clean.  Although some companies try to make single-use pads to cut down on the gross factor, they’re horrible for the environment and can cost over $100 a year buying refills.

But for $42, the Loogun is a sleek and elegant solution. It features a reservoir and a motor that creates a powerful stream of water that can handle the toughest bathroom messes.  The design is absolutely more attractive than a typical toilet brush, and because it never touches the toilet, it’s free of bacteria.

The creators of the Loogun are in the UK, and they’re hoping to ship worldwide by January 2016 if they meet their $62,850 goal by August 9, 2015. As far as toilet brushes go, the Loogun seems like a pretty and efficient alternative to the usual nasty bristles.