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Toilet strainer prevents kids from flushing jewelry

Kids have a tendency to destroy things like valuables and happiness. Okay, maybe not happiness, but certainly priceless family heirlooms.

iGuard is a solution to this problem, straining out items from the toilet. Ew. Okay, yes it sounds disgusting, but the creators claim it’s the only way to prevent clogged toilets. The small plastic mechanism hooks onto the side of the toilet bowl. There’s a round piece that goes into the toilet with holes in it to strain. This way, it’ll catch unwanted items from going down the pipes. The only question that remains is, what about those things that you want to go down? iGuard comes in a case that opens with tap of the foot so touch is unnecessary. One is going for $50 on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery of April 2015. iGuard is looking to raise $20,000.