PaperLight projector and smart board makes presentations more portable

It would be nice to make business presentations while traveling from place to place without having to schlep around a heavy projector.

patent-claimedPaperLight is a patent-pending portable combination smart board and projector that works with any computer without the need for any software. The 37-inch desktop interactive projection display device features touch-screen functionality and enables users to make markups and write on documents with a stylus pen … or their fingertips. The device ships in December at $1,800. But Kickstarter backers have been able to order one for a $1,500 pledge. Its makers hope to raise $151,000 by July 7.

PaperLight’s portability, helped by a touch-screen display made of plastic rather than glass, is a key selling point, as is the fact that no software is required. It’s also a plus that the device tower can be folded in half. But there are so many portable and smaller pico projectors on the market now that PaperLight seems at least a bit dated.


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