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EYSE live-streaming VR device transports you to somewhere more interesting

Every day, people around the world wish they were somewhere else: With friends on a trip, with family on a special day, on a tropical island relaxing, in the depths of a balmy jungle exploring — wherever. Usually, they feel this way to get away from the mundane of the current situation and while smartphone have given most people the power to live stream, it isn’t as immersive

patent-claimedIn the age of virtual reality of experience, it’s no surprise that the team at Vairdo developed EYSE, a VR-enhanced camera with dual 5MP cameras, an internal speaker and microphone that lets user live stream stereoscopic video others can enjoy with a VR headset. EYSE has a wide range of applications: It can be used to be present at far-off birthday parties and family gatherings, experience the wonder of drone flight first-hand, for better one-on-one instruction, to get an alternate, more aquatic view of the world, remotely monitor the home, and even treat phobias through immersion.

It’s compatible with most action mounts, sports a 4.000 mAh battery, has an embedded GPS chip, and is even QI chargeable, features that make EYSE a tour de force when it comes to generating a wide variety of VR experiences. $399 gets interested backers an EYSE device with full range of accessories, from a VR headset to a wireless charging base and gimbal for drone use. Vairdo is looking to ship the device in December 2016 should its Kickstarter campaign raise $65,000 by August 3rd, 2016.

EYSE has so much potential due to its numerous and varied applications. Most products in the market focus on the consumption of virtual reality content, but not many do what EYSE does, making it a particularly appealing for those who like pushing the boundaries of this still nascent technology.

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