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Parkset rolls along as a slim, portable picnic set

Picnics and camping can be a lot of fun, except for the heavy stuff that often has to be toted to the site. So rather than carrying gear, why not roll it along? That’s the idea behind Parkset. The unit includes two chairs, two insulated bottle bags, and a fold up table that holds it all together. The handle and wheels make for relatively easy mobility to the perfect outdoor spot, whether rekindling romance or lounging lazily. This might be ideal for an afternoon getaway, but picnics usually mean food, too. So backers might also want to consider wheeled coolers such as KruzieCooler, BoomBox Cooler, or Coolest Cooler to compliment Parkset. Otherwise, Parkset is great for some day drinking in the park, but not necessarily a big meal. This campaign seeks to raise $22,000 (~$19,000 USD) AUD by November 28, 2014. Early bird backers get snag one for $135 AUD ($116 USD), which is 40% off the anticipated retail. Expected delivery is September 2015.