Guitar Throne provides blended home for instrument and musician

The amount of gear that has to be packed up for a live gig can be daunting. So when a quality product comes along that allows for two or more items to be rolled into one, the average musician will sit up and take some notice. Guitar Throne blends a guitar holder and stool into one. Flip it up for the stand, and down to take a seat. There are also plenty of options: plain Baltic Burch so artists with painting and/or drawing skills can create their own graphic and perhaps use it to advertise their band at live gigs, stained model (backer chooses their preferred stain color), hardwood model (cherry, mahogany or walnut), or custom shop model for which preferred graphic and wood is chosen by the musician.

The measurements for the stool are not noted, but it is featured as a one-size-fits-most type of situation which has been field-tested. Interested backers may also want to check out the Bnd stand, Klin, and SoulPedal campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $25,000 by December 19, 2014. For $150, backers get one Guitar Throne with the natural finish. Estimated delivery is currently set for December 2014.

Luggage and Bags

Parkset rolls along as a slim, portable picnic set

Picnics and camping can be a lot of fun, except for the heavy stuff that often has to be toted to the site. So rather than carrying gear, why not roll it along? That’s the idea behind Parkset. The unit includes two chairs, two insulated bottle bags, and a fold up table that holds it all together. The handle and wheels make for relatively easy mobility to the perfect outdoor spot, whether rekindling romance or lounging lazily. This might be ideal for an afternoon getaway, but picnics usually mean food, too. So backers might also want to consider wheeled coolers such as KruzieCooler, BoomBox Cooler, or Coolest Cooler to compliment Parkset. Otherwise, Parkset is great for some day drinking in the park, but not necessarily a big meal. This campaign seeks to raise $22,000 (~$19,000 USD) AUD by November 28, 2014. Early bird backers get snag one for $135 AUD ($116 USD), which is 40% off the anticipated retail. Expected delivery is September 2015.


Sitpack offers portable respite in a one-legged stool

Sitting on the ground waiting in an insanely long line for the concert of your favorite rock star can be plenty uncomfortable. But it was this situation that inspired the creator of Sitpack.  From a more practical standpoint, waiting in a crowded airport, subway station or train station can be just as daunting, and who knows what awaits unsuspecting travelers should they actually brave the floor. Sitpack is a portable chair made of stainless steel. It folds up small enough to be carried in the back pocket of one’s jeans, a backpack, or purse. While it doesn’t look particularly comfortable and it’s not entirely clear if there is a weight limit in connection to its effectiveness, it does seem like it would be very convenient for commuters and travelers, much like the Purrch.  Backers who prefer more back support in a portable chair might want to check out Chair-Pak and NeXstep. This campaign seeks to raise kr450,000 (~$75,000 USD) by November 29, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for kr175 (~$29 USD) with an expected delivery of April 2015.