Sitpack offers portable respite in a one-legged stool

Sitting on the ground waiting in an insanely long line for the concert of your favorite rock star can be plenty uncomfortable. But it was this situation that inspired the creator of Sitpack.  From a more practical standpoint, waiting in a crowded airport, subway station or train station can be just as daunting, and who knows what awaits unsuspecting travelers should they actually brave the floor. Sitpack is a portable chair made of stainless steel. It folds up small enough to be carried in the back pocket of one’s jeans, a backpack, or purse. While it doesn’t look particularly comfortable and it’s not entirely clear if there is a weight limit in connection to its effectiveness, it does seem like it would be very convenient for commuters and travelers, much like the Purrch.  Backers who prefer more back support in a portable chair might want to check out Chair-Pak and NeXstep. This campaign seeks to raise kr450,000 (~$75,000 USD) by November 29, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for kr175 (~$29 USD) with an expected delivery of April 2015.