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Pello interactive kids’ camera comes in yellow, four other colors

Parents like to know what their kids are up to when using interactive devices, whether it’s a computer, smartphone, tablet or even a camera. But cameras don’t typically offer a way for parents to keep tabs on their kids’ activity.

Pello is a child-focused camera with filters and Bluetooth connectivity to a parental smartphone app that allows parents to see the photos their kids are taking. The interactive camera is designed specifically for children, and also allows them to easily share their photos with friends.

Pello ships in January at future pricing of $139 for a “classic” Pello and $159 for the version featuring a “cartoon” design. But Indiegogo backers can get each one for a pledge starting at $69 for early birds who want the classic model and a silicone protective cover or $89 for a choice of either version of the camera in blue, green, purple, red or yellow with a silicone protective cover. Its makers hope to raise $20,000 by Dec. 8.

There are many cameras targeted at kids on the market, including models from Kidz and more well-known VTech. But Pello offers one feature that rival products typically don’t: the ability for parents to monitor the pictures their kids are taking via an app. Its 5-megapixel resolution and 4 GB of internal storage, meanwhile, are also better than what many rival products offer.




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