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Pinout decks out your camera with enhanced features

Camera accessories are among the most popular devices on crowdfunding sites, but many of them are focused on enhancing a single bit of functionality.

patent-claimedPinout is a small device that connects to DSLR cameras and provides them with enhancements including remote shutter release, geotagging, time lapse, high dynamic range (HDR) and loss prevention. It uses Bluetooth LE technology and works in conjunction with an app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

It ships in April at $29.99 for a basic kit including the device, a free app and a limited number of features; $69.99 for a pro kit that adds an access code for additional features, including time-lapse; and $119.99 for a full kit that adds all available features, including HDR. Indiegogo backers can get the basic kit at $24, the pro kit at $54, and the full kit at $89. Pinout’s makers are hoping to raise $20,000 by Jan. 29.

Pinout has appealing features that may appeal to many DSLR users. But there are just too many similar devices performing similar, and in some cases superior, functions that have been introduced before this for Pinout to be a sure thing. One example is MaxStone. A further drawback is that Pinout is only compatible with Nikon DSLRs and a small number of additional cameras, including the Fujifilm S5 Pro.


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