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QUICKCUBE combines smart design and touch of tech for more orderly stuff

Fully functional yet aesthetically beautiful storage solutions are few and far between. Usually, those horrid looking blue tubs or even spare cardboard boxes are used to put away extra things in the home. For the Boland family, these weren’t good enough. Thus, the QUICKCUBE was born.

The QUICKCUBE’s design is based solely on physics. While its nigh-transparent plastic walls may look weak, they’re made from a plastic that is three times stronger than the standard, supporting 450lbs in weight. This, along with its honeycombed lids for even more strength, all comes together to form an incredibly strong and perfectly stackable set of storage solutions for anywhere in the home.

What really sets it apart though is its use of NFC to more easily catalogue and find items when needed, a godsend for those with lots of stuff and little memory. A single QUICKCUBE is $20 while a set of three goes for $58, and are expected by March 2016. The campaign is looking for $58,000 by January 15th, 2016.

After a flurry of patent opposition, patent judges across multiple countries have awarded the Boland family patents for QUICKCUBE — and for good reason. It’s a truly useful product that gets at the heart of the challenges of home organization through good design and uses a light digital touch to make it even better. For those who think even the QUICKCUBE is too much work, messes can alternatives be hidden from sight with the Clutter Cover. It’s not recommended, though: QUICKCUBES are elegant and will go a long way.

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