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Portable Facial Steamer puts the heat on skin irritants

A noticeable facial blemish can seem like a pretty major issue when one is getting ready to close that big deal – or go on that big date. Travel or dorm life can mean that skin gets exposed to new environmental debris that makes breakouts or dryness more common than when at home. The Portable Facial Steamer allows users to have the benefit of getting skin issues under control before they have a chance to start showing up on one’s face. Five minutes of controlled steam will open pores, pull out all toxins, revive dead skin and help with blemishes.

Consumers fill the steamer with water from the tap and, once plugged in, it takes 60 seconds to heat up and be ready for use. It’s unclear if distilled water, which would really be the better option when in new environments, will work with the product. , or put on a flat surface at face level and move face around the steamer. This campaign seeks to raise $8000 by December 31, 2014. Backers get one product for $50 with an expected delivery of June 2015. The Portable Facial Steamer seems like a handy travel aid for those who want some misty refreshment on the road, but may find a real fight for the travel bags of packing minimalists.


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