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Lumino helps you rise before the sun gets up

When winter comes and the days get shorter, getting up before the sun to go to work or school can be a major struggle. Since the body is programmed to sleep at night and be awake when the sun is up, Lumino offers smart technology for helping a person to ease into those dark mornings. The product works with one’s bedside lamp, phone, Bluetooth, and a smart plug. A few minutes before the pre-set time, the intensity of the lamp gradually increases, registering in the brain in a similar way as waking up to the rising sun. When the lamp hits maximum intensity, the user’s desired alarm or song plays on their phone. Lumino can also be used as a night light when not home, or a sleep aid that slowly diminishes light intensity in the bedroom while winding down to go to sleep.

Everyone has experienced the dread of waking up before sunrise in the winter, so Lumino is a neat little way of  waking up to a more pleasant day, provided that users have iOS or Android. Interested backers might also like to check out the Sleep Sensei and TekTuk campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $100,000 CAD (~$87,500 USD). Early bird backers get one product for $39 CAD (~$34 USD) with an expected delivery of April 2015.

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