Win all the virtual gold with the 6thfinger touchscreen input device

The smartphone gaming space has taken hold of people’s time and attention across the world. The biggest offender are the games where you must tap incessantly to farm coins, gold, or whatever other currency to improve characters, castles, towns, etc. The time they require from uses, though, is more or less ridiculous. This led the team behind the 6thfinger to figure out what they could do, and their product was born.

The 6thfinger is a device which mimics a finger’s taps and motions on a capacitive touchscreen to keep games active. This allows obsessed types to keep progressing even when real life stubbornly gets in the way. As much as there many who would love this sort of thing, it’s ultimately very niche. A SpinPadGrip might be a nice complement to the 6thfinger to help users keep their eyes on the game while they go about their business. The $22 device will ship February 2015. The 6thfinger campaign is hoping to raise $8,000.

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