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Portable Voltaire smart grinder mixes in science with your brew

The perfect of smooth, delicious coffee is an elusive beast. That’s because the myriad of factors that affect the final pour’s quality all stem from the proper care of the beans used to make it. Most of the time, the beans used aren’t well-taken care of, leading to sub-par brews. With its Voltaire, the team at Get It Right combines elegant design and algorithmic intelligence to pull off a satisfying result every time.

Voltaire is a connected, freshness-sensing portable grinder whose singular goal is to ensure only the highest quality, freshest beans are ground in a manner that maximally retains all of the positive aspects that contribute to a great cup of joe. Design-wise, its locking lid retains freshness, canonical ceramic burrs ensure consistent particle size for all types of coffee and a long life, stepless adjustment collar allows for fine-tuned grindings, and an LED timer allows for a user’s desired presets.

A set of sensors within Voltaire measure volatile compound release, gas concentration, temperature, humidity, bean mass, and volume of the beans — all the stuff unable to be determined with the naked eye. With this information, it’s able to determine bean freshness, going as far as sending replenishment alerts to the iOS/Android companion app or directly ordering more beans from a user’s favorite source. All of this is packaged together in a result that can be held in one hand and hold a charge for three weeks, perfect for taking quality coffee-making potential along for the ride for all types of getaways.

A standalone Voltaire, sans smarts, is $199. $249 gets backers the full, connected package. Get It Right is looking to raise $100,000 through its Kickstarter campaign by August 8th, 2016 to have Voltaire in households and wildernesses everywhere by March 2017.

Most connected coffee brewing solutions, like the Bruvelo, are built for the home. The Voltaire, on the hand, focuses on making the grinding experience on par with the processes employed by products like Auremo and leaves the actual brewing up to the users. With most brewing methods enhanced by the quality of the grind, this is a clever part of the process to focus on.

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