PrintBoxie helps you think out of the box for mobile printing needs

It’s still sometimes a major hassle to print something from a mobile device regardless of whether a smartphone or tablet uses Android, iOS, Windows or another operating system.

PrintBoxie provides one solution to that issue, transforming USB printers into cloud-connected printers. Users just have to connect PrintBoxie to a wireless printer, email a document to the small black device’s email address, and connect PrintBoxie to a Wi-Fi network. Printing will be done automatically.

No ship date for PrintBoxie is included as part of the Indiegogo campaign. Nor is its future pricing. But early bird backers can get one for a pledge starting at $199. Its maker is hoping to raise $50,000 by March 8.

Prior devices have done basically the same thing as PrintBoxie, including the Lantronix xPrintServer and printWiFi. But new networked printers are so cheap now that buying PrintBoxie probably doesn’t make much sense except for special needs.

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