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The Joule wearable perks up your day with caffeine

The sacred morning cup of joe is a time-honored tradition that will pretty much never go away. But sometimes, there isn’t any left at home, and all┬áthe time, that Starbucks is wildly long and equally as infuriating.

Made from durable silicon material, the Joule bracelet provides users with a steady stream of the oh-so-lovable miracle chemical that is caffeine. But instead of that foreign coffee most get from their local cafe (and by local, I mean pretentiously expensive), Joule has a slot for a caffeine and vitamin patch that administered transdermally over the course of four hours.

With the skin serving as an effective filter, it slows the absorption of caffeine so that a more controlled release that can help with everything from late night studying to avoiding the dreaded 3 ‘o clock crash. Each pink, blue, or black bracelet goes for $29 and comes with a month’s supply of patches. Backers can expect their very own in July 2016 should its $15,000 see success by March 8th, 2016.

The Joule is a novel product with a decidedly infomercial-like appeal. There will be those who doubt its effectiveness but there’s no reason to think something like this wouldn’t work when nicotine patches are a thing. But, the form factor may put some off regardless. A more traditional caffeine fix can be had no matter where one may be with the Sippy instead.

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