Roll-Up Sail lets paddleboarders ride with the wind, stay in the clear

Paddleboarding is the newest trend in water sports. The activity features a heavy board for standing along with a paddle riders can use to navigate with. All told, it looks a little boring at first glance, but people nonetheless love to partake.

Now, paddleboarding can be a bit more interesting with the Roll-Up Sail (RUS). This nifty product attaches to any paddleboard using a C-clamp. It rolls up and down so that when a little speed boost is desired, the user can unfurl the sail and then roll it back up when finished. The sail itself is made out of a durable clear material that is rated to last for years.

The RUS is an elegant solution to the problem of getting stranded far out in the water. However, it’s still likely that some riders, especially in stiffer winds, may end up in the drink if they’re not seasoned sailors. Those who crave the speed more than anything else may just want to stick to windsailing. Interested backers can pick up their own for $75 by July 2015 (paddleboard not included). RUS is hoping to raise $5,000 by May 25.

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