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Save your swing with the IOFIT connected golf shoes

The pursuit of the perfect swing on the green is the goal of every budding golfer out there. Countless hours are spent chasing it, usually with an expensive coach nearby. But while the team behind the IOFIT can’t compete with the value a coach provides, it sure can help.

The company’s self-titled IOFIT connected golf shoes is its attempt. In creating lightweight, breathable golf shoes equipped with waterproof pressure sensors, users wearing them can track balance and weight shift while taking a swing. Bluetooth connectivity pushes this data to IOFIT’s iOS and Android companion app to provide real-time feedback, summarizing a user’s statistics and providing actionable insights to improve their game. Users can even compare the swings with the pros through the app’s saved collection of swings, challenge friends through leaderboards, and even share their improving swings with others. $209 gets backers a single pair of IOFIT shoes in either grey, silver, pink or beige by February 2017. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking for $30,000 by September 7th, 2016.

Athletes of any kind always look for a leg up on the competition in any way possible. The IOFIT connected shoes is one of those ways. With its wide variety of feedback and functionality, it will serve as a capable companion on the green, going further than similar products like the Universole. In comparing the two, though, it’s obvious how much more the IOFIT can do off the green as well.

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