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The Walabot DIY gives you X-ray vision for smooth home projects

The spark of DIY inspiration sparks everyone every now and then. The problem lies in actually executing it. Even those who are a lot more handy have trouble making sure an important pipe isn’t ruptured or wire isn’t cut, making even the smallest mistake a costly one.

Luckily, the Walabot DIY is here to help. The device attaches to an Android phone and allows users to “see” into concrete and drywall at a depth of up to four inches to reveal the plastic and metal pipes, electrical wires, studs and even movement within. This is incredibly useful to avoid what otherwise can be a hefty repair bill for a simple project. It can be optimally adjusted for specific projects and snapshots can be taken for offline analysis, if necessary. $199 gets those interested their very own Walabot DIY.

The Walabot DIY is unique and well worth the price for those who constantly have the DIY itch. Having the guarantee nothing goes wrong while nailing or drilling into the walls is a great relief to have. Combine with the Bagel connected tape measure to ensure every step of the DIY project goes as smoothly as possible.

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