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Say a farewell to distractions with the Hemingwrite e-paper, cloud-syncing writing tool

Today’s completely connected world makes the focused act of writing much harder than it needs to be. With our smartphones, tablets, and laptops set-up as versatile, multi-functional devices, it makes the singular task of writing a difficult one.

For some, this is a huge problem to the point that even a good, old-fashioned typewriter can seem like a good idea. Disconnected from the world, it just works without manuals or special applications needed. That’s what the inventors of the Hemingwrite had in mind in creating their single-purpose, typewriter-shaped writing tool. The product combines the comfort of a full-size mechanical keyboard with more advanced tech like e-paper and automatic cloud syncing in order to help users focus on the end result, rather than constantly be led astray by Facebook posts and random tweets.

Its slim-profile is made of aluminum and features a built-in handle to ensure it’s easy to carry. The Hemingwrite’s instant on feature lets users immediately get back to writing on up to three active documents at a time, and that, along with the option to display timers and word counters, is reflective of its only purpose: to get users to write. With the product being as sparse as it is, it boasts a four week battery so that a dead battery can never be a reason not to write. The Hemingwrite is currently going for $399, and is expected to ship in September 2015. The campaign’s goal is $250,000.

The Hemingwrite is a capable tool for a pretty serious problem that affects many writers, but having to spend upwards of $399 or more is an unnecessary expenditure that doesn’t technically guarantee anything. Utilizing free or low-cost applications along with developing a strong writing routine is so much more beneficial in the long run as a writer. The Hemingwrite is a novel, pretty fun idea with an awesome name, but it’s a gimmick unless its price comes down.

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