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Tissue Tablet offers germaphobes more sanitized bathroom experience

Germaphobes, take heart! There is a new product attempting to make its way into the marketplace that may be just the thing to make for a bathroom experience that seems more sanitized and safe.

Tissue Tablet protects toilet paper from those nasty airborne germs that can float up the commode. And for those concerned about the conservation of toilet paper, the motorized dispenser works via the wave of a hand. It’s not entirely clear what the product will be made of, but a protective casing over the toilet paper is touted as being the mechanism that will keep germs away.

For those really concerned about this, Tissue Tablet may be just the thing for them. How dirty the product itself will get, however, is another matter entirely. Backers that are this concerned about germs and air quality might also like to check out the uHoo, Loodini, and Fresh Air Plus campaigns.  This product seeks to raise $5,500 CAD (~$4,800 USD). For $150 CAD (~$131 USD) backers get one product with an expected delivery of January 2016.

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