Scoopette provides extra protection, traction in picking up after pooches

ScoopetteHere’s the scoop: picking up dog poop is not the most charming thing about having a pooch. Scoopette manages to alleviate some of the discomfort that everyone experiences when picking up after a dog. It essentially looks like a small claw, and is designed to be an extension of your hand when picking up dog poo through a plastic bag. The Scoopette is made of colored plastic with an etching of a cute dog on the side and straps to fasten your hands to. Conveniently, the Scoopette also features a dispenser attachment that holds bags, much like P.U.P, a bag dispenser for dog leashes. Scoopette’s creators are hoping to raise $10,000 with their Indiegogo campaign. Backers can scoop up the Scoopette for $15 if they’re early enough, or for $20 as the regular price. with an estimated delivery of July 2014.


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