ElectraFin lightweight motor puts the putt-putt in your paddleboard

Water activities can be fun and serene, but sometimes too serene. ElectElectrafineraFIn offers a boost to your kayak, longboard or paddleboard. ElectraFin is a 14 lb detachable motor that fits onto any of your favorite smaller water vessels. Its sleek and easy design can be attached in under one minute and send you flying at warp speed (or 4-5 mph). ElectraFin runs on battery power for up to six hours and comes with a wireless remote to control its speed and position. ElectraFin is perfect for those aqua enthusiasts who are bored with their kayak, but can’t afford a motorboat. Those looking to buy ElectraFin can rush at the early price of $850, the less early-bird price of $950, or the regular price of $1,050 with an estimated delivery of July 2014. ElectraFin’s creators, Current Drives, are hoping to raise $15,000 with their Indiegogo campaign.

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