The Bixpy Jet lets you move like Aquaman, won’t help fish communication

With the amount of innovation going on in the crowdfunding arena, the world of watersports has never been more exciting. Case in point: the Bixpy Jet, a portable, personal water propulsion device that, with the help of a wide variety of attachments, can be attached any type of kayak, SUPs or just simply held.

This level of versatility lets the Bixpy Jet propel watercraft to about seven miles per hour, allowing kayakers to reach places they otherwise couldn’t. Of particular note is the device’s submersible battery which completely transforms the experience of diving by helping propel swimmers to three miles per hour. In designing the Bixpy Jet, inventor Houman Nikmanesh thought it important that users not be forced to buy a new watercraft, which is why all its attachments were created.


The BomBoard modular watercraft lets you customize your own beastly jet ski

Personal aquatic transport options like the Coast kayak refine established designs while products like the Waterblade and Schiller S1 introduce new ways of getting across water. The BomBoard, on the hand, not only introduces a brand new way of getting around on water but turns up the extreme factor by 100.

The BomBoard is a modular, high-performance personal watercraft. It splits into three distinct parts making it much easier to move than traditional watercraft like jet skis. But the magic really happens when peering into each of its parts. Module 2, side sponsons that add buoyancy, and Module 3, the bow in which the BomBoard’s removable gas tank and the steering arm is attached, are pretty ho-hum.


Take the possibility of adventure anywhere with the Coast foldable kayak

Facilitating meaningful adventure is not only about what kind of gear someone has, but the passion they have in doing so. With that said, it never hurts to have functional, thoughtfully designed gear to complements that passion.

The Coast series is a set of two kayaks, the Coast and the Coast+, exactly for that purpose. Their claim to fame lies in their origami-esque design, allowing both 16 foot kayaks to fold up into boxes just 32 x 15 x 18 large. This lets users store one in a closet, a trunk, or even check it in on plane to avoid heft kayak rental fees. This design also contributes to its 34 pound weight, its massive 180 liters of storage, its max load of 400 pounds, and top speeds of 5.36 knots.

Aquatics Cycling

Glide along the water with the Schiller S1 water bike

Water sports present the opportunity for athletes to enjoy thrilling activities with little risk. As long as they’re wearing a lifejacket, they’re good to go.

Schiller S1 is an exciting new entrant to the water sports market, offering athletes the chance to cycle on the water. This water bike consists of a rust-resistant bike that sits in between two floatation devices. Using a catamaran-like design, the Schiller won’t sink. In addition, a rudder attached to the handles allows for steering while pedaling backwards sends the bike into reverse. Schiller includes a pump to blow up the floaties, which can subsequently deflate for maximum portability. One unit will cost backers a whopping $3,950 for their own with expected delivery by July 2015. Schiller is looking for $100,000 in funding by April 11.

Schiller’s campaign boasts about how portable this bike is, with owners being able to take it on a train, plane or in a car. Backers should beware, however, because the bike weighs a total of 70 lbs. Such heft isn’t exactly considered portable. However, in all other aspects, this is a fun product thatoffers a great way to get out on the water without getting super wet.

Aquatics Winter Sports

Übertüb lets you ride the waves, doesn’t offer tub service on demand

Pool rafts, inflatable beach balls and inner tubes all make for added fun in the summer sun. But the air often escapes and they deflate within a few hours.

Übertüb stays inflated until the user deflates it, and it can be used for more than just water fun. Multiple features set this multifaceted outdoor toy apart from the others. The redesigned air intake system allows for nearly any inflation method, though it also comes with its own inflation tool. The updated valve means that it won’t scratch the user or rip their swimwear, and it deflates quickly when it’s time to pack up. These tubes have been designed for several types of recreation. So they also work well in the snow and on dry land. Several color options and three sizes are available: the small size is 28 – 30 inches, medium is 36 – 38 inches, and large is 42 – 44 inches.

The product updates and reinforces a simple and classic source of outdoor fun. Water-loving backers might also like to check out Hydropacer and Towel’On. This campaign seeks to raise $65,000 CAD (~51,900 USD) by March 31, 2015. For $79 CAD (~63 USD), backers get one small Übertüb with an expected delivery of August 2015.

Aquatics Sports

Steertube mixes the safety of tubing with the thrill of waterskiing

The Premise. Water tubing on the high seas or in a lake is one of the most popular activities to partake in during the summer. The only problem is that tubers can’t control where they go and are at the mercy of the person driving the boat. Most people prefer water skiing, because they have much more control over their movements.

The Product. Steertube combines the best of tubing and water skiing for those who prefer a not-so-lazy river. The user sits in the tube, but has the control to steer anywhere they want to go. A t-shaped handle attaches to the line between the tube and boat. The line is attached to a steel bar across the front of the tube. When steered, the line moves along the bar, and tilts small rudders underneath to the tube to change its direction.

The Pitch. Steertube’s Kickstarter campaign provides video testimonials of people using the product. As they bounce around in the water, people can be heard saying how cool they think the tube is. Their Web site offers a ton more videos of the Steertube on the water, being pulled by a variety of different boats. This water accessory’s creators hope to raise a somewhat ambitious $125,000 in their 39-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. For $499, backers can cut through the water at warp speed. Each Steertube comes with its own custom tow rope. The campaign only has nine reward tiers and the last five all go for $499 with an estimated delivery date of June 2014.

The Potential. There are so many different kinds of water tubes out there and some offer steering capabilities, but none quite like this. The Bat X-Ray Tube needs the rider to lean their whole body to the right or left in order to steer. Others use handles that are attached to the tube for steering which doesn’t allow for the range of motion needed to do tricks in the water. The only thing that remains unclear is if riders can also lay on their stomachs, or if they are stuck on their backs in the Steertube. Holding onto the tow line may be more difficult while lying prone. All in all, however, the Steertube appears to be the most versatile towable water tube out there and will land in the water just in time for summer.


ElectraFin lightweight motor puts the putt-putt in your paddleboard

Water activities can be fun and serene, but sometimes too serene. ElectElectrafineraFIn offers a boost to your kayak, longboard or paddleboard. ElectraFin is a 14 lb detachable motor that fits onto any of your favorite smaller water vessels. Its sleek and easy design can be attached in under one minute and send you flying at warp speed (or 4-5 mph). ElectraFin runs on battery power for up to six hours and comes with a wireless remote to control its speed and position. ElectraFin is perfect for those aqua enthusiasts who are bored with their kayak, but can’t afford a motorboat. Those looking to buy ElectraFin can rush at the early price of $850, the less early-bird price of $950, or the regular price of $1,050 with an estimated delivery of July 2014. ElectraFin’s creators, Current Drives, are hoping to raise $15,000 with their Indiegogo campaign.